Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Therapy in Elmhurst, NY

Yana Michaels

Whether you’re getting over a long night out or trying to boost your immune system, vitamin therapy can help give your body the rejuvenation it needs. With the use of vitamin therapy, you can target specific needs and worries to give your body the hydration, energy, and vitamins that it needs so that you feel your best. IV therapies are administered intravenously, and you can choose the option that targets your specific needs.

Using Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin therapy delivers nutrients and vitamins directly to your blood and can help you target several issues you might be dealing with. If you have low energy, you aren’t feeling well, you have aches and pains, or you’re looking to improve your love life, IV therapy can help you! There are specific formulations that you can choose from when starting vitamin therapy.

The different treatment areas can include:

  • Overall wellness treatment
  • Hangover relief
  • Immunity boost
  • Anti-aging
  • Libido enhancement
  • Allergy relief
  • Muscle cramps and aches
  • Metabolism boost
  • Energy boost
  • Toxin cleanse

Each treatment can take about an hour, and you can receive these treatments as needed. This can vary for each person and it’s important to talk to your provider to find out what schedule might work best for you. You should be sure to come in hydrated so that it’s easier to find your veins and administer the treatment.

The Benefits of Vitamin Therapy 

IV Drips customized IV hydration and wellness. Below are 10 reasons to get IV nutrition therapy:

1. Prevents contracting and speeds up recovery time from:
COVID-19, FLU, Bacterial and Infections

2. Boots immune system by optimizing your body's levels of vitamins, minerals and metals.

3. Improves symptoms of chronic medical and autoimmune diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid conditions and others!

4. Improves and Prevents:
Allergies, common colds, sinusitis, bacterial/viral infections, headaches, migraines and hangovers

5.Contains "B Complex Vitamins" which gives you:
Healthy brain Functions - Reduces symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety
Balances Nervous System - Reduce body aches, cramps and dizziness.

6. Restores hydration and iron levels, which improves sleep and prevents chronic fatigue syndrome.

7. Detoxifies and flushes out heavy metals, cancer-causing pollutants like free radicals.

8. Jump starts your weight loss, speeds up metabolism, sloes ageing process!

9. Contains "amino acids" the building blocks of proteins that gives you healthy muscles, prevents fibromyalgia, skeletal and muscular problems!

10. Contains "biotin" which strengthens your hair, nails, and skin. Rejuvenates and brightens our complexion, reduces blemishes and wrinkles!

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